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Lotto Geek v LottoGuru: Week 2 – Irish Lotto Number Predictions

Note: *The following article is purely for fun. It is based on individual opinions and does not constitute advice. The drawing of lottery numbers is entirely random. Please always gamble responsibly.

Last week, the Lotto ‘Geek’ and the Lotto ‘Guru’ went head-to-head for the first time, in an attempt to predict the most likely Irish Lotto numbers for the week. So, the big question is: who came out on top?

But first, let’s recap...

Last Week’s Irish Lotto Results & Predictions Round-Up

The Lotto Guru took a look at the week’s big news stories and decided that the best numbers would be: 4, 6, 13, 27, 43 and 44. Meanwhile, the Lotto Geek crunched the numbers and calculated that certain numbers hadn’t appeared in a long while and therefore 5, 25, 32, 33, 36 and 41 were due to come up.

There were two Irish Lottery draws last week, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday, and the numbers came out as follows:

29 May 2019


1 June 2019


So, who got the most correct numbers over the two draws!? Have you worked it out yet? Well, last week’s winner was… NO-ONE! Neither of our gurus manage to predict a single number. Boo indeed.

But despite this absolute embarrassment, our two gurus have had the gall to show their faces once again and, not only that, but they’ve got more Irish Lottery predictions for us!

This Week’s Irish Lotto Predictions

What the Lotto Guru Says:

Okay, last week was a shocker. We can’t believe it either. But, don’t worry, we’ve got a strong feeling that this week will be much better...

The big news story this week is obviously that Theresa May is set to leave her post as Prime Minister on Friday, with no less 13 candidates from the Conservatives in the running to replace her for one of the least enviable jobs in the world right now.

But hopefully there’ll be some positive news for the England football team this week as they bid to win the first ever Nations League, with 4 teams battling it out in Portugal for the trophy. Of course, after tasting Champions League defeat to Liverpool at the weekend, the Three Lions captain, Harry Kane, will be desperate to win the first trophy of his career and add to his 37 England caps and 22 goals.

And, of course, there’s some big celebrity birthdays this week too! Baby-faced actor Michael Cera, famous for his roles in the likes of Superbad, Juno and Arrested Development, turns 31 this week – which barely seems believable. But what’s even harder to believe is that Angelina Jolie will be turning 44 – and she still looks absolutely amazing.

Therefore, my lucky numbers this week are:

4 13 22 31 37 44

What the Lotto Geek Says:

I don’t care what last week’s results say. I’m sticking by my one true love: Mathematics. The results I produced from my calculations are long overdue to come up and that hasn’t changed. So, I’m sticking with my guns and will once again be predicting:

5 25 32 33 36 41

Who are you backing this week? The Guru or the Geek?

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