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Brand New Feature: Lotto ‘Geek’ v Lotto ‘Guru’: This Week’s Irish Lotto Number Predictions

Note: *The following article is purely for fun. It is based on individual opinions and does not constitute advice. The drawing of lottery numbers is entirely random. Please always gamble responsibly.

Picking lottery numbers can be tricky. Some people use birthdays, some have lucky numbers and some just use the lucky dip. But we’ve spoken to two lotto betting lovers who have their own special techniques they use... So, say hello to the Lotto ‘Guru’ and the Lotto ‘Geek’! Every week they’re going to help us pick out numbers on the Irish Lotto and see if they can find a winner.

This week’s Irish Lotto kicks off with a massive jackpot on Wednesday, and you can get your Irish Lotto line bets on at the Betting on Jackpot companies. Alternatively, you can customise your Irish Lotto odds and bets at the online bookmakers by betting on 1-5 balls. Have a look below for any new customer offers. But first, let’s find out what numbers these two believe you should keep an eye out for...

What the Lotto 'Guru' Says:

Some numbers are definitely jumping out at me right now – and I think they’re going to be very important this week.

For starters, the UK and Ireland are set for some boiling weather this week, with temperatures knocking around a toasty 27 degrees – which is even hotter than Ibiza at the moment! And it’s not just the weather that’s hot in the UK right now. Premier League football teams have been on fire on the continent this year, meaning that the Champions League and Europa League will see no less than 4 British teams in the finals this week – well done, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal. After narrowly missing out on their first Premier League title, Liverpool will be especially keen to pick up Champions League title number 6.

The Spice Girls are also back for (another) reunion with 13 big shows in the coming weeks. They had a few sound problems in the Cardiff at the weekend, but at least they looked great. Mel B especially caught the eye and looks absolutely stunning as she celebrates her 44th birthday this week!

Speaking of birthdays... Ireland’s own Colin Farrell will be celebrating his 43rd birthday on Friday too!

So, my magic numbers this week are:


What the Lotto ‘Geek’ Says:

Celebrity birthdays are all well and good, but let’s face it: In my opinion… Mathematics is king!

I analyse numbers and statistics to choose my numbers and this week is no different.

This week my method of compiling lottery numbers is to see which numbers are due to appear based on previous Irish Lottery results.

The Hypothesis is: Numbers that haven’t appeared much before should appear now!

That’s why the two most important balls this week are 32 and 36 – with neither having appeared since January. Number 5 is also due up, with it last appearing in early February. Of the numbers that have been in the Irish Lotto from the start, 25, 33 and 41 have also been underrepresented – could they heat up in the future?

The statistics for this hypothesis are telling me, therefore, that this week’s most likely numbers are:


Next week we’ll find out who predicted better! Whether you use either of these number predictions, make sure you compare the best odds for Betting on 1-5 balls and the best prices for Betting on Jackpots

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