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2020 was an unusual year for the entire planet, this was even reflected in the world of lottery betting. From the 49’s lottery being suspended for over two months to betting shops across the UK and Ireland being closed.

Luckily, the majority of lotteries continued unaffected and the majority of players were able to bet online or via their mobile apps. helped to guide new online players where possible with the introduction of our Help Centre and video guides. Read More

Operator Of The Year
(Bet On 1-5 Balls)

betfred award winner

Operator Of The Year - Betfred

They’ve done it again! Betfred won the Operator Of The Year award in 2020 and have backed it up with another win in 2021. Their lotto betting offering really is head and shoulders above the other operators - welcome bonus, odds, range of lottos and great app are just some of the reasons Betfred got the award.

In 2021 Betfred have continued to push the boundaries with the introduction of their very own tailor-made numbers game - The Nifty Fifty. Plus, regular boosted odds promotions. They’ve also had some big winners - including a massive £170K winner on the 49’s.

More choice

I like lotto betting at Betfred because it give me much more control and choice, like I can select how many numbers I pick. Sometimes I go for a big prize with five numbers, sometimes I go with one number - depending on how I feel. Won a few times too!
By Elizabeth Moore

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boyle sports award winner

Recommended Operator - BoyleSports

Climbing from 3rd in 2020 to 2nd in 2021, Boyle Sports Lotto continue offering a great lottery betting product. Their welcome bonus is great, they have a great range of lotteries available and have good odds across the board. In April Boyle Sports ran a ‘Bet 1, Get 3 Free’ lottery offer which was particularly popular with customers.

Irish Lotto is the bomb

Don't know why people bother with the national lotteries when you can get much better odds on the Irish lotto. Boyle is my fave place to sort my bets out.
By Matthew Vanderwerff

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bet365 award winner

Recommended Operator - bet365

bet365 can be proud of a bronze award in the Betting on 1 - 5 balls category. They have a slick product with competitive odds. One of the drawbacks for bet365 (from user feedback in the People’s Rating) has been the lack of a Welcome bonus for Lotto. However they are a trusted brand and many customers like to bet with them each week.


Really good. Easy to use like everything else on bet365
By Chris Riley

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Operator Of The Year
(Bet On Jackpots)

lottomart award winner

Recommended Operator - Lottomart

Lottomart are a really interesting and appealing upstart attempting to take some of the other operator's glory... and starting to succeed. Their really clear focus on user experience has paid off with a slick app and they have demonstrated their clear ability to innovate with their Lotto Boost. They took a runner up Silver award this year... but perhaps they could scoop top spot next year if they continue to improve.

Tenner straight away!

First time betting and first time winning (even if it is only a tenner)! No complaints from me, money was in my account before I even checked my numbers. More of the same please!
By Janet Hunt

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unibet lotto award winner

Recommended Operator -

A new entrant to the Lotto Awards is They’ve shown some great improvements in 2020 and customers are starting to take note. Firstly, have launched some unique lotteries - such as Jackpot Millions, Pick 3 and Lotto India. Secondly, in the true spirit of lottery, has started offering Health Millions which has a £5,000,000 fixed jackpot and 5% of proceeds going to charity.


I've won twice now on this site and like the choice of games available, but still waiting on that evasive JACKPOT!! Prizes are awarded quickly though and wouldn't go back to faffing about with paper tickets now - this is a much easier way of getting my lotto sorted!
By Julia Lookman

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Lotto Innovation Of The Year

betfred award winner

The Nifty Fifty by Betfred

Betfred clearly take their lotto betting very seriously - their odds, offers and range of lottos are first class. The Nifty Fifty is Betfred taking all of their lotto betting knowledge and using it to create a completely new numbers game - essentially cherry picking the best features from the Irish & 49’s lotteries.

The draws happen three times per day, the draws are live streamed into Betfred shops and online (website & app) and the odds are great. For example, you can get 800/1* for 3 correct numbers. customers love the Nifty Fifty.

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national lottery award winner

UK National Lottery Minimum Age Raised To 18 strongly believes that under 18s should be excluded from all forms of gambling. We look forward to any further sensible and evidence-based legislation that protects players and promotes responsible gambling.

Playing or betting on the lotto is a fun and leisurely activity and nothing more. The majority of lotto ticket-buyers play sensibly, within their means, and do it for light entertainment.

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Best Payout Of The Year

national lottery award winner

£800M - UK National Lottery Donations

Although not a traditional winners story, we think in the unprecedented year of 2020 there’s nothing more admirable than the fact that the UK National Lottery has donated £800M to organisations affected by the pandemic.

It’s always nice to remember that when you purchase a National Lottery ticket 25% of your money goes to good causes.

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betfred award winner

£170K 49’s Winner at Betfred

On the 9th November a lucky Betfred customer used the lucky dip feature to generate the numbers 3, 14, 30 & 37. They then decided there were too many 3’s selected so proceeded to change the 3 for a 9 - this decision made the lucky customer a lot of money! A £17 stake returned a whopping £170,017!

This customer chose the correct bookmaker (hopefully using!) as Betfred is 10,000/1* for 4 balls on the 49’s Lotto - had they chosen Ladbrokes where they only offer 8,000/1* on 4 balls their payout would have been £136,017 - or £34,000 less than with Betfred!

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boyle sports award winner

€0.50 Stake To Win €62,500 at Boyle Sports

We just love the fact that this win really sums up lottery betting - a (very) small stake, big odds and a big win. This lucky customer staked their €0.50 on 5 balls on the Irish Lotto at Boyle Sports to win at odds of 125,000/1*.

We probably shouldn’t tell them that if they had bet with Betfred or bet365 they would have won €75,000*. Compare the Irish Lotto odds here.

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