Health Lottery Review

Health Lottery review

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The Health Lottery is a household name across Great Britain, well known for its TV ads and colourful signs in the local newsagents and supermarkets. Popular with players as it’s so readily available across the country (32,000 venues, in fact!), similar to the UK National Lottery. has done a comprehensive review to help you decide if this is the correct lotto for you.

Unquestionably the Health Lottery does some amazing work for good causes, as of December 2019 it had raised over £110M for health related good causes. The Health Lottery claims to have helped over 500,000 individuals across the UK with health issues since their inception in 2011. However, the Health Lottery has also been criticised for it’s donations to good causes - only 20.3% of ticket sales go to good causes. This is significantly less than the UK National Lottery and the Postcode Lottery. After all the Health Lottery is a private business out to make a profit, not a charity as it may appear.

How To Win The Jackpot

To win the jackpot you have to match 5 out of 5 numbers, selected from 1 - 50, the odds/probability of this happening is 1 in 2,118,760. Although this sounds like terrible odds, it’s actually much better than other lotteries such as the UK or Euromillions - see our comparison table here. The jackpot is calculated as 10% of ticket sales with a guaranteed minimum of £25,000. Although the Health Lottery don’t have a published record of previous jackpots, from looking at their winners section we would estimate most jackpots are in the region of £25,000 - £50,000.

Monthly Mega Raffle

Then, there’s the ‘Monthly Mega Raffle’. This is where every player who has bought a ticket that month gets their tickets put into a metaphorical hat with one winner picked to win £250,000.

Quick Win

If you can’t wait until 21.55 for the main draw, the Health Lottery also offers a ‘Quick Win’ option. On the face of it this is exactly the same odds as the main draw. However, there is a catch, if you win the jackpot it’s limited to £25,000 rather than 10% of ticket sales as the main draw. Our recommendation would be to play the main draw, if you win the jackpot you’ll be kicking yourself!

The positives are that you get to watch a ‘live’ draw which adds to the excitement. Plus, your tickets still get entered into the Mega Monthly Raffle.

Health Lottery Quick Win


The Health Lottery doesn’t offer the option to play as part of a syndicate directly on their site. Many lotto operators, such as, offer the chance to join a ‘virtual’ syndicate where you have many chances to win but only win a smaller percentage of the jackpot by betting as part of a group - a.k.a syndicates. The difference is, allows you to do this at any time for any lotto online. You just get entered into a syndicate with other users that you have never met. The Health Lottery has a Syndicates section on their website but this is only to download a ‘Syndicate Agreement’ - basically a PDF agreement between you and your mates. Once you have the agreement in place you still have to manually chase your mates for money and manually enter the lottery - a bit laborious in our opinion.

Scratchcards & Instant Wins

Like almost every lottery company out there, the Health Lottery also offer scratchcards and instant wins. While they don’t have the range of scratchcards of other operators (there are only 18 scratchcards to choose from) or the big Marvel titles or NetEnt classics they do have a good range to choose from. Some of their scratchcards include:

  • Diamond - £3.50 to play - £25,000 jackpot*
  • Blackjack Scratch - £2 to play - £20,000 jackpot*
  • Elephant - £0.05 to play - £200 jackpot*

* Jackpot correct as of 10/12/19

Health Lottery Scratchcards

* Screenshot taken on 17/12/19

The Draw & Results

The draw takes place five days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All draws take place at 21.55

UK Customers: Yes

Syndicates: Yes

Commission on Winnings: No

Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Direct Debit

License: The Health Lottery ELM Limited is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission (license no. 000-026057-R-309179).

Social Followers: Facebook (50,000), Twitter (9,000)

* Information correct as of 17/12/19. Check website for latest information


Health Lottery is ranked #2 out of 3 traditional lotteries

How To Buy A Ticket

  1. Create an account. It’s quick and easy to do. You must be over 16, have a registered debit card and be a UK resident.
  2. Deposit funds. You can deposit from as little as £1. This is secure as the site using SSL.
  3. Play. Can either select numbers or ‘Quick Pick’. By default the dropdown selects ‘play continuously’ - this means unless you change it to 1 week it will keep playing until you have no money in your account
  4. Enter promo code. See promo codes section
  5. Receive email. Email contains your numbers and your ‘Raffle Code’ (your chance to win £250k)

Health Lottery Promo Codes & Offers

The Health Lottery actually has an excellent range of offers and promo codes that is regularly updated. Their promos often include money back, boosted winnings, holidays and even win a car. The latest offers and promo codes are listed below:

View Promo Codes

Health Lottery Odds

Numbers Matched Prize Odds Of Winning
Match 5 Jackpot.

10% of Ticket Sales. Minimum of £25,000

1 in 2,118,760
Match 4 + Bonus Ball £10,000 1 in 423,752
Match 4 £250 1 in 9,631
Match 3 + Bonus Ball £50 1 in 4,815
Match 3 £10 1 in 224
Match 2 + Bonus Ball £5 1 in 224
Match 2 Free Ticket 1 in 16
Match 1 + Bonus Ball Free Ticket 1 in 32

Compare Against Other Lottos / Betting Products

Average Jackpot Odds Of Winning Jackpot Value
Health lottery £50K* 1 in 2.1M Low Bet Now
National lottery £10M* 1 in 45M Average Bet Now
Lottoland £5M* 1 in 10M Good Bet Now

* Approximate jackpots based on previous six months.

Want to understand how we calculate 'Value'? Read More

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Fantastic work for good causes across the UK
Better odds of winning the jackpot than UK Lotto, Euromillions, etc Compare all here
Drawn five times per week
Only £1 to play
Play online or in your local newsagent or supermarket


Much smaller jackpots than UK Lotto, Euromillions, Powerball, etc.
Only 20.3% of ticket sales go towards good causes. The National Lottery donates 28% of sales.
You can’t watch the draw live
Can’t bet on syndicates directly on the website (have to manually create Syndicate Agreement)
By signing up to the Health Lottery website you’re only able to play one lottery - unlike companies such as where you can bet on many different lottos.

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User Reviews of health lottery

1.0 / 5

Don't waste your money

Look at the odds - you're better off playing the national lottery and they give more to charity. Shouldn't be called the health lottery.
By Barry1204
Jun 02, 2020

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