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To meet the demand from many of our visitors asking us for Irish Lotto predictions, we decided to enlist the help of two Lotto betting lovers with very different approaches to picking their numbers.

We also decided to make things interesting by putting them head to head in competition every week to see who comes out on top!

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Note: *The following article is purely for fun. It is based on individual opinions and does not constitute advice. The drawing of lottery numbers is entirely random. Please always gamble responsibly.

This Weeks Irish Lotto Predictions (10th June 2019)

The Lotto 'Guru' and 'Geek' may have had a dire start to their predictions, but did they manage to iron out their estimations last week and finally predict some correct numbers? Let’s find out...

Last Week’s Irish Lotto Results & Predictions Round-Up

The Lotto Guru went for a pop culture approach and focused on celebrity birthdays and big news stories to come up with their Irish Lotto predictions last week, guessing that 4 – 13 – 22 – 31 – 37 – 44 would be the luckiest numbers in town. The Lotto Geek was having none of it though, and forecasted that 5 – 25 – 32 – 33 – 36 – 41 would be more likely to pop up as they have been drawn the least amount of times in Irish Lotto history.

As always, there was a draw on Wednesday and Saturday last week and the Irish Lotto results came out as follows:

5 June 2019:

1 3 12 29 36 44

8 June 2019:

9 10 34 37 40 47

So, who got the most numbers correct? Last week’s winner was...

The Lotto Guru - with two correct predictions!

How can it be? My calculations were on point.

Maybe it’s time to tweak my formula. I realise what’s been holding me back… rather than basing my calculations of all Irish Lotto results from history, I should been analysing recent history more closely. That means I’ll be basing my estimations on numbers that are overdue – i.e. which numbers haven’t appeared recently.

One number that has especially caught my eye is number 32, which hasn’t appeared in the last 43 draws – which is just madness. Statistically, each number should appear in every eight or nine draws, so not to appear 43 times in a row is just absurd. Number 5 is almost as cold and hasn’t been seen since February!

My Statistical Prediction:

4 5 6 19 31 32
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Winner, winner! What can I say? I follow my gut, and my gut is never wrong! The Geek needs to go back to check his calculator is working I think.

Anyway, let’s keep this running streak going...

I love a good birthday party, and I bet there’s gonna be a big bash for the Olsen twins this week as the 2 of them turn 32 years old – if that doesn’t make you feel old, I don’t know what does! Elsewhere, Liverpool FC’s Mo Salah will be enjoying his first birthday as a European Champion as he turns 27.

And summer really is upon us – regardless of what the weather’s doing – and that also mean that festival season is here! The Isle of Wight festival is one of the biggest curtain raisers of the year and runs from the 13 to 16 June, although party people might want to take their wellies as it looks like it might well rain for all 4 days! Therefore, my lucky numbers this week are...

My Lucky Numbers:

2 4 13 16 27 32
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Who are you backing this week? The Guru or the Geek?

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