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To meet the demand from many of our visitors asking us for Irish Lotto predictions, we decided to enlist the help of two Lotto betting lovers with very different approaches to picking their numbers.

We also decided to make things interesting by putting them head to head in competition every week to see who comes out on top!

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10 - 9

Geek V Guru

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Note: *The following article is purely for fun. It is based on individual opinions and does not constitute advice. The drawing of lottery numbers is entirely random. Please always gamble responsibly.

This Weeks Irish Lotto Predictions (15th July 2019)

The Lotto Guru and the Lotto Geek have been neck-and-neck so far in the Irish Lotto predictions face-off, but did one finally pull away in last week’s predictions?

Let’s find out by checking out last week’s Irish Lotto numbers...

Last Week’s Irish Lotto Results & Predictions Round-Up

After back-to-back losses for the Guru, they clawed the Geek back in last week to draw, meaning they were dead level on the leaderboard. The Guru got swept up in Wimbledon fever last week and used this for inspiration in picking numbers: 1 – 2 – 7 – 15 – 16 – 24.

The Geek is relentless when it comes to getting a statistical edge, though, and remains undeterred by choosing the Irish Lottery’s most overdue numbers, which were: 6 – 8 – 15 – 21 – 26 – 28.

The all-important question, though, is who was right?

Let’s find out by looking at last week’s Irish Lottery results:

10 July 2019:

4 7 26 33 35 38

13 July 2019:

4 8 23 25 34 35

We can confirm it was another close round. But by a 2-1 scoreline, last week’s Irish Lotto prediction master was… the Lotto... GEEK!

This Week’s Irish Lotto Predictions

Oh, how the tides have turned. The Geek is finally in the lead and that is where I will be staying!

And why on earth would I change a formula that’s been working so well for me? This week’s most overdue Irish Lottery numbers – and therefore my predictions – are:

6 15 20 21 22 28
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That pesky Geek is so lucky. Unbelievable. I’ll get him back though, just you watch!

Week eight is going to be my week, so number 8 is my first prediction.

This week’s also a serious week for famous birthdays, with Hunter S. Thompson, Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson and Vin Diesel all having been born on 18 July, while Benedict Cumberbatch will be turning 43 this week and Real Madrid’s Welsh star, Gareth Bale will celebrate turning 30.

And after an epic finale to Wimbledon and the Cricket World Cup, I’ll now be turning my attention to the Tour de France, with stages 10 to 15 taking place this week.

And there we have my star numbers for this week:

8 10 15 18 30 43
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Who are you backing this week? The Guru or the Geek?

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