What Does 'Bet On Jackpot' Mean?

The word “Lottery” is used synonymously for for several different ways to bet. These are:

For more details on each of these, see our Ways To Engage page.

Bet-On-Jackpot, however, is perhaps the most confusing. For example, in Ireland you have the following options:

  • Buy an Irish Lotto ticket for €2/line to win €5 Million from Lottery.ie / local retailer
  • Bet on Irish Lotto for €2/line to win €5 Million from Lottoland.ie

On the face of it, these two options look identical - the same stake, the same prize, the same odds of winning on the same numbers/results.

However, there are key differences to be aware of:

Official Irish Lotto Bet-On-Jackpot Irish Lotto
Jackpot Size Dependent on number of tickets sold and rollovers Copy of Official Irish Lotto
Charity Donations ~30% of tickets go to good causes No requirement to donate to good causes
Where Can You Live Must be Irish resident No requirement to be Irish resident. Bet from many other countries depending on local gambling laws
Welcome Offer Available? No Usually, yes. Check with operator.
Is It Legal? Yes. Players must be 18+ Yes. Bettors must be 18+


Using a Bet-On-Jackpot operator, such as Lottoland, is a perfectly legal and safe way to bet on Irish Lotto and other international lotteries. However, it’s important to be aware of the differences between buying an official ticket and placing a bet.

If you live locally, you might prefer to buy an official ticket to know that ~30% of your ticket price is going to good causes locally. If you live abroad, Bet-On-Jackpot might be your only option for betting on International lotteries.

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