How To Bet On The Irish Lotto

Start Here Do you want to Bet on 1 - 5 balls with an online bookie? Or Select 6 balls in the more traditional way to have a chance to win a jackpot with online lottery jackpot betting companies? Unsure? Read More.

If you bet on the Irish Lotto at an online bookmaker you can choose to bet on between 1 - 5 balls. This gives you great flexibility and means you can win up to £150,000 from a £1 stake.

If you Select 6 balls in the more traditional way with online jackpot betting companies, you have a chance to win the jackpot as well as smaller pay-outs - this can be £10,000,000 or more.

The main differences between the two options are the probability of winning, flexibility and the potential winnings. Betting on 1 - 5 balls gives greater flexibility and can offer a higher probability of getting a return - however if you Select 6 balls, you’re in with the chance to scoop a life changing jackpot.

Bet On 1 - 5 Balls At Bookies


Our users love betting on 1 - 5 balls on the Irish Lottery for the great odds they can get - For example, with Betfred you can get £700 for 3 balls from a £1 stake. Plus, loads of the bookmakers have great introductory offers. Now, let’s look at the steps for how to place my first Irish Lotto bet:

Step 1: Select A Bookmaker

Many bookmakers offer betting on the Irish Lotto - Betfred, Ladbrokes, Bet365 - to name a few.

The odds vary bookmaker to bookmaker, some have welcome bonuses and some don’t, some you will be familiar with and others you won’t. We have created a page especially for comparing bookmakers that offer the Irish Lottery here. All of the companies compared are fully regulated. For this guide we’re going to use Betfred as an example as they’re #1 user rated on our site.

select a bookmaker

Step 2: Lucky Dip Or Select Your Own Numbers?

Do you know what numbers you want to choose? Then select ‘Bet With New Numbers’ and select your numbers. Alternatively, if you select ‘Lucky Dip’ then Betfred will randomly select numbers for you.

lucky dip or select own numbers

Step 3: How Many Numbers To Select

You can bet on 1 - 5 numbers on the Irish Lotto. The more numbers you bet on the more you win. For example, if you bet £1 on 1 ball with Betfred, Bet365 or Ladbrokes you would win £7 (6/1 odds plus your initial stake). If you were to bet on 5 balls you would win £150,001 (150,000/1 plus your initial stake).

You can choose to bet on between 1 - 5 numbers on the Irish Lotto. The more numbers you bet on, the more you could win. For example, if you had a winning bet of £1 on 3 balls with Betfred at odds of 700/1 that would return £701 (£700 winnings plus your initial stake of £1 back). If you had a winning bet on 5 balls at 150,000/1, that would return £150,001 (150,000/1 plus your initial stake).*

Try our handy Odds Calculator to compare your winnings.

* Odds Disclaimer: The displayed odds are intended as a guide only and whilst we work hard to ensure they're up to date, they are subject to change from the operators. Odds correct as of 06/08/2019 Please always check odds on the betting operator site before placing any bets. Where the odds are the same our rating (promotions, usability, reputation) are taken into account

selecting numbers

Time to dispel a few lotto betting myths:

Does my stake change depending on the number of balls I select? No. If you select 5 balls you can stake £1. It isn’t like an accumulator bet where the stake is multiplied by the number of selections.

Does the ball order of results affect my winnings? No. For example, if you select the balls 5, 15, 25 and the Irish Lotto results appear as 3, 5, 12, 15, 25, 34 you would still win.

Step 4: With Or Without The Bonus Ball?

By including the bonus ball you increase the chances that your numbers will appear. For example, if you select 3 balls without the bonus ball you have 5 balls of which you need to match 3 correctly to win. If you include the bonus ball you have 6 balls of which you need to match 3 correctly. The catch? Including the bonus ball lowers the odds - for example, 3 balls with Betfred without the bonus ball is 700/1 vs 375/1 with it.

including the bonus ball

Step 5: One Or Multiple Lines?

‘Lines’ are essentially bets. If you want to have more than one bet on the same draw select ‘Add Another Line’. This will mean an additional stake from your original bet.

one or multiple lines

Step 6: Add To Favourites?

With Betfred, and other bookmakers, you can add numbers to your favourites. This makes it easier to come back and place the bet again in the future. This is great if you always bet on the same numbers - the catch here is that once you start betting on the same numbers every week you can’t stop! If they come up and you haven’t placed the bet you’ll never forgive yourself.

add to favourites

Step 7: Choose Draws

Here you can select the draws you want to bet on. You can bet on the +1 and +2 draws (which offer the same odds as the main draw). With Betfred you can also bet on up to 4 weeks in advance – this is really useful and saves time for future weeks.

(This is one of the categories we rate the online bookmakers on)

Choose draws

Step 8: Enter Stake

Enter your stake. You will now see potential returns - time to start dreaming about what you’ll spend your winnings on! You’ll need to enter a stake for each line you’ve chosen. The stakes will be multiplied by the number of draws you have selected.

The minimum stakes. (This is one of the categories we rate the online bookmakers on)

enter stake

Step 9: Multiple Bets

Multiple bets or combination bets are an interesting option offered by many online bookmakers. They can seem a bit daunting and complicated but essentially Multiples are a combination of different bet types from the same selection of numbers. The total combinations, also known as the number of bets, is multiplied by your unit stake to provide your total stake.

Let’s look at a simple example:

  • You choose 2 numbers: 7 & 11
  • You can have multiple bets involving these 2 numbers:
    • One single bet that only requires that 7 will be drawn at odds of 6/1
    • Another separate single bet that only requires that 11 will be drawn at odds of 6/1
    • A double bet that requires that both 7 & 11 will be drawn at odds of 60/1

There are more complicated bets such as the great named Lucky 15. This entails 15 bets involving 4 ball number selections: 4 Singles, 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles and 1 Four-fold. At least one number must be drawn in order for you to get a return.

multiple bets

Step 10: Check Results

Check out our Irish Lotto Results page to see if you’ve won.

The Irish Lotto is drawn twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 19:45pm (GMT). (Normally you need to have your bets placed between 15-30 minutes before the draw takes place).

check results

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