How To Bet On The Nifty Fifty

How to bet on the Nifty Fifty Numbers Game with Betfred: Bet on 1 – 5 Balls

If you bet on the Nifty Fifty at Betfred you can choose to bet on between 1 - 5 balls. This gives you great flexibility and means you can win up to £200,000 from a £1 stake for 5 correct!

The Nifty Fifty is not a lottery - it is a numbers game. This means you don’t buy a ticket, there is no jackpot as such and there is no contribution to good causes.

Even though the Nifty Fifty isn’t a lottery, the balls are drawn from the traditional machine of the type you might associate with the Irish Lottery, EuroMillions or UK National Lotto.

The Nifty Fifty is similar to the ever popular 49’s Numbers Game - with a couple of important differences from the 49’s game:

  • There are 50 balls drawn instead of 49
  • There are 3 draws a day instead of 2
  • There are better odds/returns


The Nifty Fifty is already causing a massive stir since its recent arrival. Many of our users already love betting on 1 - 5 balls on the Irish Lottery and 49’s Number Games for the great odds and flexibility they can get. On The Nifty Fifty you can win £800 for 3 correct balls from a £1 stake*. Plus, Betfred have an incredible introductory offer for Nifty Fifty betting. Now, let’s look at the simple steps on how to place an Nifty Fifty bet:

Step 1: Click a link on this site to

The Nifty Fifty Numbers game is a Betfred exclusive product and is only available with them. The great news is that the odds available are really attractive.

So the first simple step is to click a link from our site and go directly to the Betfred site. Alternatively you can click a link from our site to go and install the Betfred app. Betfred have a dedicated Betfred Lotto App and a complete main app called Betfred Sports. You can use either of those - we recommend the main Betfred Sports app because it has all the products available, including Lotto betting.

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Step 2: Register and Deposit with Betfred

When you’ve arrived at the Betfred site on mobile or desktop or alternatively to one of the Betfred apps, you’ll need to:

  1. Complete registration
  2. Deposit £/€5 or more
  3. Click to the Nifty Fifty draw within the Lotto product tab (You may be entitled to a fantastic welcome offer. Please see all terms and conditions.)

Step 3: Lucky Dip Or Select Your Own Numbers?

Do you know what numbers you want to choose? Then select ‘Bet With New Numbers’ and select your numbers. Alternatively, if you select ‘Lucky Dip’ then Betfred will randomly select numbers for you.

Step 4: How Many Numbers To Select

You can choose to bet on between 1 - 5 numbers on the Nifty Fifty. The more numbers you bet on, the more you could win. For example, if you had a winning bet of £1 on 3 balls with Betfred at odds of 800/1 that would return £801 (£800 winnings plus your initial stake of £1 back). If you had a winning bet on 5 balls at 200,000/1, that would return £200,001 (£200,000 plus your initial stake).*

For those of you that like to choose your numbers based on Hot and Cold balls we have a Nifty Fifty Hot & Cold page.

* Odds Disclaimer: The displayed odds are intended as a guide only and whilst we work hard to ensure they're up to date, they are subject to change from the operators. Odds correct as of 18/07/2020. Please always check odds on the betting operator site before placing any bets.

Time to dispel a few lotto betting myths:

Does my stake change depending on the number of balls I select? No. You decide how much you want to bet regardless of the amount of balls you select to bet on.

Does the ball order of results affect my winnings? No. For example, if you select the balls 5, 15, 25 and the Nifty Fifty results appear as 3, 5, 12, 15, 25, 34 you would still win.

Step 5: With Or Without The Bonus Ball?

By including the bonus ball you increase the chances that your numbers will appear. For example, if you select 3 balls without the bonus ball you have 6 balls of which you need to match 3 correctly to win. If you include the bonus ball you have 7 balls of which you need to match 3 correctly. The catch? Including the bonus ball lowers the odds - for example, 3 balls with Betfred without the bonus ball is 800/1 vs 500/1 with it.*

Step 6: One Or Multiple Lines?

‘Lines’ are essentially selections of numbers. If you want to have more than one bet on the same draw select ‘Add Another Line’. This will mean an additional stake from your original bet.

Bonus Step: Add To Favourites?

With Betfred, you can save numbers to your ‘favourites’. This is a fantastic innovative feature and makes it easier to come back and place a Nifty Fifty bet again in the future. (The only issue is if you clear your cookies on the browser, it seems to clear your favourites. Hopefully this is something Betfred will fix in the future)

Step 7: Choose Draws

Here you can select the draws you want to bet on.

  • You can bet on Draw 1 (11:30) and Draw 2 (14:30) and Draw 3 (18:30).
  • You can choose to bet on any day or all days in the next 7 days
  • With Betfred you can also bet on up to 4 weeks in advance. This is really useful and saves time for future weeks. So effectively with 3 draws a day, 7 days a week and being able to bet 4 weeks in advance, you’re able to bet on 84 draws in advance. (Amount of draws in advance is one of the 10 categories we rate the online bookmakers on)

Step 8: Multiple Bets

Multiple bets or combination bets are an interesting option offered by many online bookmakers. They can seem a bit daunting at first but essentially Multiples are a combination of different bet types from the same selection of numbers. The total combinations, also known as the number of bets, is multiplied by your unit stake to provide your total stake.

Let’s look at a very simple example:

  • You choose 2 numbers: 7 & 11
  • You can have 3 bets involving these 2 numbers:
    1. A double bet that requires that both 7 & 11 will be drawn at odds of 60/1
    2. One single bet that only requires that 7 will be drawn at odds of 6/1
    3. Another separate single bet that only requires that 11 will be drawn at odds of 6/1
    4. There are more complicated combination bets such as the fantastically named Lucky 15. This entails 15 bets involving 4 ball number selections: 4 Singles, 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles and 1 Four-fold. (At least one number must be drawn in order for you to get a return with a Lucky 15).

Step 9: Enter Stake

Enter your stake. You will now see potential returns - time to start dreaming about what you’ll spend your winnings on!

You’ll need to enter a stake for each line and bet type you’ve chosen. The stakes will be multiplied by the number of draws you have selected.

The minimum stakes vary between companies. With Betfred Lotto you need to have a minimum stake unit of £0.05 for any individual bet and the overall total bet slip amount must total a minimum of 50p

(Minimum stake is one of the 10 categories we rate the online bookmakers on)

Step 10: Watch the draw or Check the results

Currently you can only watch the draw live directly with Betfred - online and in their shops.

You can use our Nifty Fifty Results page to see the latest results.

Good luck with your Nifty Fifty Bets and please gamble responsibly.

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