Why Bet on the Lotto?

The wheel begins to turn, anticipation and drama builds as the balls spin… then the hand of fate delivers its 6 potentially life changing decisions
– it's the unbeatable sensation of lotto betting!

Unless you've been living on the moon or a secluded cave, you probably know about the traditional process of buying a ticket and playing a lotto. That remains a great option and you can find links to win jackpots for the most popular lotto options through this site.

However what if you're a UK resident and want to get involved with the popular Irish Lotto or perhaps the other way round? Or you just want juicier returns? Well, more and more people are discovering that lotto betting is a simple and flexible, yet potentially lucrative way to have a go with the lotto of your choice.

6 winning reasons to consider Lotto Betting today... and a bonus reason!

1. Flexibility

If you're playing the lotto, there is a rigid structure of choosing a set number of balls... if you're betting you can pick just one if you like!

2. Brilliant Returns

Did you know you can win a whopping 725 times your stake for betting on 3 correct numbers in the UK Lotto?! If you play and get 3 correct – you'll typically win £10.

betting vs buying a ticket

3. Bet on any lotto – wherever you're resident

Only UK residents can play the UK lotto and only Irish residents can play the Irish lotto (unless you play with extremely costly syndicates) but ANYONE can bet on any of the lottos we've listed

4. You choose how much you want to bet

If you've played the Irish lotto, you'll know the minimum spend to get involved is €3 (unless it's a syndicate and it can be more than 10 times that!) With lotto betting, some bookmakers let you stake from just 5 cents/pence giving you more choice!

5. Play on your mobile

More and more online bookmakers are offering fantastic and easy to use mobile options for lotto betting. Find out more here »

6. Simple and easy to bet on the lotto

Use the links on this site to go directly to the online bookmakers, set up an account in minutes and start betting!

Bonus Reason – Get free Lotto bets!

At CompareTheLotto.com we have organised free match bets for the Lotto which means you can have a bet on the lotto of your choice and then get a free bet that you can use on the next draw! Find out more here.

So now you know why to bet on the lotto – click here to compare the different lottos and odds... then get involved today!

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