Pick My Postcode Review

pick my postcode review

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Formerly known as the Free Postcode Lottery, Pick My Postcode is the UK’s biggest free lottery game.

That’s right: a lottery you can enter for free!

In order to take part, players simply need to sign up to the website and enter email and their postcode. Then they’ll automatically be entered into all of Pick My Postcode’s daily main draws. While more draws can be entered by completing simple tasks on the website itself.

Is Pick My Postcode Legit?

Sound to good to be true? Well, actually Pick My Postcode is perfectly legit.

The first thing to note is that Pick My Postcode prizes and jackpots are significantly smaller than what you’d find on the likes of the National Lottery. The top prize ever won was £2,526, while most daily draws are worth a few hundred pounds. But, hey, for something that is completely free to enter – that’s not bad!

How Can Pick My Postcode Make Money if It’s Free?

So how can Pick My Postcode afford to pay out these cash prizes every day?

Well, Pick My Postcode is very transparent about this. They make money through ads, offers and surveys. So, the more people that visit the website, the more money they can make – and also the big prizes they can offer up.

Pick My Postcode Draws

There are five daily Pick My Postcode lottery draws. The main draw, which all subscribers are automatically entered into, plus the Video Draw, Survey Draw, Stackpot and Bonus Draw, which players need to manually enter. In order to enter the non-main draws, players may need to watch a sponsored video or fill out a short sponsored survey in order to take part.

Players have a better chance of winning away from the main draw, as less people tend to complete the daily tasks for the other draws.

Are Pick My Postcode Prizes Shared Between Neighbours?

There are pros and cons to having all of your neighbours join Pick My Postcode. On the plus side, for every neighbour sharing your postcode signs up, your postcode will have more chances to win, as each household on that postcode will be entered into the draw.

On the flip side, though, if you do win, you may have to share the prize with your neighbours. However, if you claim your prize and they don’t, you’ll keep the whole lot for yourself! Whether you should tell your neighbours if you win is a moral dilemma that we’ll leave to your discretion!

About Pick My Postcode

The company was launched in 2011 and was originally known as the Free Postcode Lottery. However, following legal action from their rivals, People’s Postcode Lottery, they decided to change their name to Pick My Postcode in April 2018.

Since it was founded (including under its old name), Pick My Postcode has given away over 24,000 prizes in the UK so far, worth a total of more than £1 million.

Sign up today for free to join Pick My Postcode and gain free entry to their daily main draws.


Pick My Postcode is ranked #2 out of 2 free lotteries reviewed

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User Reviews of pick my postcode

3.0 / 5

Great site

I found this site after being referred by a friend who had just won £10 on the stack pot. I haven't won yet but had a few close postcodes! Fingers crossed for a win!
By Ben Clayton
Oct 10, 2022

Pickmypostcode ( PMP ) Good Site Providing You Don't Comment

Interesting site that costs nothing to join and provides the possibilty of winning money. The site has a Comments Section similar to a full blown forum that should be avoided at all costs. At first glance this forum look interesting and inviting. Don't be fooled. There is a nucleus of "Good Old Boys" led by a member who has received numerous complaints over many years regarding sarcasm, rudeness and his aggressive manner. Make a perfectly polite comment that does not conform to the opinions held by this "nucleus" and you will be attacked from all sides. PMP management turn a blind eye to complaints so don't waste your time even thinking about making defencive posts. At best your complaint will be ingnored and at worst deleted from the site. The member described above is currently taking a break but the other upcoming "leaders" are continuing in his absence.
By Anon
Aug 10, 2022

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