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sky lotto review

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Sky Bet is a market leader in the UK for sports betting and casino. Through their website they have two options available for lottery bettors - firstly, betting on the Irish Lotto and 49’s Lotto, then the new product of Sky Lotto which is a free lotto that allows players to win £250,000 or boost their winnings to £1,000,000 by staking £0.50.

Sky Lotto

Sky Bet has two immensely popular free to play games with a chance to win big. Firstly, Super 6, this is where you predict the scores in six football games, if you predict correctly you win £250,000. Secondly, Fantasy Football League, this is where you trade players for the duration of the season with the overall winner bagging £50,000. Now, Sky Bet are attempting a foray into the world of lottery by offering something similar - select six numbers with a chance of winning £250,000. All this for FREE!

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How Can Sky Bet Afford to Give Away Money for Free?

Super 6, Fantasy Football and now Sky Lotto are what’s known as ‘acquisition and retention tools’ - this means that although Sky Bet will be losing money on these particular games they attract enough new customers to Sky Bet to pay for itself. Super 6 is trying to get more users to place bets on football through Sky Bet, Sky Lotto is trying to get more users to play scratchcards and slot games.

What Are The Prizes?

Naturally, you’ll be thinking that if Sky Lotto are giving away money for free then the odds of winning must be miniscule?

Sky Lotto is based on a 6/49 lotto format - this means to win you must match 6 balls out of 49 available to win the jackpot. Sky Lotto have also introduced a bonus ball into their system to give extra prize tiers (e.g 3 + bonus ball). See prize structure below:

Ball Combination Guaranteed or Shared? Prize
1+1 Guaranteed 1x £0.10 Scratchcard
2 Guaranteed 1x £0.10 Scratchcard
2+1 Guaranteed 5x £0.10 Scratchcard
3 Guaranteed 1x £1 Scratchcard
3+1 Guaranteed 2x £2.50 Scratchcard
4 Guaranteed £10 cash
4+1 Guaranteed £25 cash
5 Guaranteed £1,000 cash
5+1 Guaranteed £5,000 cash
6 Shared £250,000 cash
Boosted 6 Guaranteed

(plus shared top prize)

£1,000,000 cash

(Plus share of £250,000)


Sky Lotto is ranked #1 out of 1 free lotteries reviewed

Sky Lotto Offers

Neither Sky Bet nor Sky Lotto have any offers available for lotto bettors. See other bookmakers lottery offers here.

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Play for free and win up to £250,000!
For a small stake of £0.50 win up to £1,000,000
Sky Lotto also offers a wide range of scratchcards with jackpots up to £250,000
Operated by Sky - a large, trusted UK brand


Only drawn once per week
Paying £0.50 with the chance of winning the £1,000,000 isn’t always the best value. Other lottos such as the Polish Lotto can offer better returns, similar odds and similar stake.

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User Reviews of sky lotto

1.0 / 5

Is a 10p "free" scratchcard for 10p is free ?

I have recently done the Sky Lotto. Twice I have had two numbers, to win the free 10p scratchcard, but I was charged 10p on my SkyBet account for the privilege ! Obviously 10p is nothing for me, but multiply that up for all the clients, and it goes towards the promotion costing them a lot less.
By Cisgil23
Feb 04, 2021


I played for the first time Sunday woke up Monday had £1000.02 in my account I got 5 numbers with he free prize draw
By Barry
Jan 27, 2021


Started playing the free lotto 7 weeks ago, every day for 4 weeks I would win 10-20p in free scratch cards and any winnings eg: 3, 5, 8, 10p I would take and not gamble any of my own money but the last 3 weeks I have not won a penny so obviously it is fixed.
By Mike
Nov 25, 2020

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