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Currently, six major UK bookmakers offer odds on the Daily Millions - these odds vary significantly. For example, if you bet on 5 balls you’d get 55,000/1* with bet365 but only 50,000/1* with Ladbrokes - it pays to use Read More

Although not as popular as the Irish Lotto, it's bigger brother, the Irish Daily Millions is huge in the UK and Ireland. Numbers are drawn from 39 balls which is fewer balls than the majority of lotteries and in turn increases the chance of your numbers being drawn. The draws take place twice per day (2pm & 9pm) every day of the week which our users love.

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* Odds Disclaimer: The displayed odds are intended as a guide only and whilst we work hard to ensure they're up to date, they are subject to change from the operators. Odds correct as of 16/11/2023. Please always check odds on the betting operator site before placing any bets. #Ad. Find out more on our How Our Site Works page.
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About the Irish Daily Millions Lottery


Ireland's Daily Million draw replaced the Monday Million game in 2012 with exactly the same format now running twice every day – it is perfect for those who think they can have the luck of the Irish every day with a chance to win a fixed, non-rolling jackpot of a cool €1 million


6 balls are drawn from a pool of 1 - 39 – plus one bonus ball


It is drawn twice every day in Dublin (including weekends and bank holidays). The first draw of the day is 14:00, the second is at 21:00 UK Time


Irish Daily Millions FAQs

How does the Daily Millions draw work?
Six balls plus a bonus ball are drawn from numbers 1 - 39.

How do I bet on the Irish Daily Millions from the UK?
Put simply, you can use any of the bookmakers listed above. For a full guide see How To Bet On The Irish Lotto

When Is the Daily Millions drawn?
Since 2016 the Daily Millions is drawn twice per day. The draw takes place every day at 2pm and 9pm.

What time must I have my bets placed by?
This varies bookmaker to bookmaker, however, most will require at least 15 minutes prior to the draw.

How many balls do I have to bet on?
The choice is yours. You can bet on between 1 and 5 balls being drawn from the main 6 or 7 (if you want to include the bonus ball). The most popular choice is often 3 balls as this has high returns with a good chance of winning.

If I bet on a number being drawn and it is drawn as the bonus ball - do I win?
You can choose whether you want the bonus ball to be included or not. In our odds table above - choose With or Without the Bonus Ball to see the different odds. The odds/Payout is lower when you choose With the Bonus Ball as it is easier to win.

Is it safe and secure to register, deposit and bet on The Daily Millions Lotto?
It is extremely safe as our featured companies are large, reputable companies with secure data and payment techonologies.

Are the betting companies regulated?
All of the betting companies listed above are fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission

Is it legal to bet on the Daily Millions Lotto?
It is entirely legal to bet on the Daily Millions lotto from any country where lotto betting is permitted. customers tend to be from the UK and Ireland where lotto betting is a thriving, mature market. You can see a full list of eligible countries on all of the bookmakers own websites.

Can I bet on the Irish Daily Millions if I don't live in Ireland?
As above - there is no requirement to live in Ireland for betting on the lotto. You can bet on the Irish Daily Millions from any country where lottery betting is permitted.

How old do I have to be to bet on the Irish Lotto?
All of the bookmakers featured require and verify that you are over 18. You may be asked to provide proof of age.

What is the maximum bet payout on the Daily Millions?
This varies depending on the bookmaker. Betfred lists their maximum payout as £55,000 which is the equivalent of a £1 stake on 5 balls. However, we know that Betfred have paid out over £1,000,000 in the past

How do the odds of buying a ticket compare to betting?
The odds listed above are for betting on the Daily Millions in a bookmaker. To see the probability of numbers being drawn when buying a ticket read this article. To understand the differences between betting on the outcome of a lottery and buying a ticket, see this guide.

What payment methods are accepted for betting on the Daily Millions Lotto?
This varies between companies but most accept: Debit Cards, Neteller, PayPal, Moneybookers, Ukash, Bank Transfer

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings from betting on the Daily Millions Lotto?
The short and sweet answer is there is no tax at all to pay on either gambling winnings or stakes in the UK (if you are not based in the UK please check your local jurisdiction).

Why do different companies have different odds?
The larger or smaller odds offered simply represent the profit/margin that the different companies want to make. So Company A offering 110,000/1 on 5 balls has a higher theoretical profit margin compared to Company B offering 150,000/1 i.e. Company B are potentially giving more of the money staked by all their customers, back to the customers in winnings. Company A hope to retain more in profits.

Am I betting on the same Lotto with the different companies?
Yes. E.g.: If it says Daily Millions Lotto, then you’re betting on the official Daily Millions Lotto. The probability of you winning is of course exactly the same, regardless of who you bet with.

How can I check the results?
We offer the daily millions results, however, we always recommend checking with the official provider to be 100% sure. The official results can be found here

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