Oxfam Lotto Review

oxfam lotto review

* Good Cause Disclaimer: The displayed good cause contributions are intended as a guide only and whilst we work hard to ensure they're up to date, they are subject to change from the charities/operators. Good cause contributions correct as of 22/05/2020. Please check directly on the charity/operator website for up to date confirmation.

Oxfam is a UK charity leading the way in fighting global poverty. Initially conceived in 1942, the charity has been ever-present in tackling the most prominent world issues.

From helping Greek citizens throughout the frightening plight of World War II in 1943 to fighting global famine and hunger with their GROW campaign, Oxfam is widely recognised as the most prominent organisation in the fight for a fairer world.

According to their website, over 12 million lives were positively affected by Oxfam's work in 2019!

That is what makes the Oxfam Lottery very appealing to some. For every ticket you buy, a portion is siphoned off to good causes. According to Oxfam, in the 2019/20 financial year, proceeds from the Oxfam Lottery were £825,694! From that amount, a massive 84.5% (£697,639) went towards fighting global poverty, 10.3% (£85,400) on prizes, and 5.2% (£42,655) on expenses. That giveaway percentage is much higher than other comparable charity lotto companies.

The payouts are nowhere near the usual amounts of a national lottery. However, they are still substantial - and participants can be safe in the knowledge their money will go to worthy causes.

There are 30 weekly prizes - including a top prize of £1,000. There are also two yearly jackpot prizes of £5,000, which can be won by anyone who buys an Oxfam lottery ticket.

What makes the Oxfam Lottery special is that a unique number is allocated to each player - unlike other lotteries, where the prizes may be split if there is more than one winner. You will be notified of your lottery number as part of your Oxfam welcome pack. Your tickets will be bought automatically until you decide to opt-out.

Tickets cost £1 at the time of writing, and in line with Oxfam's commitment to responsible gambling, you are limited to a maximum spend of £5 per week.

All winners will be notified by email, post, or phone - alternatively, you can check if you have won online.

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