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World Animal Protection, is an international non-profit animal welfare organization that has been in operation for over 30 years. The charity describes its vision as: A world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended.

In the aftermath of disasters, World Animal Protection travel to worst affected areas to administer emergency veterinary care, distribute food and where possible reunite animals with their owners. This work is of particular benefit in developing world countries where communities rely on animals for food, transport and income. As well as responding to disasters, they work year-round to help countries prepare and reduce the impact on animals and their owners. They encourage governments, international bodies, and local and national partners to include animals in their plans, policies and practice.

Alongside this, World Animal Protection works to protect wild animals from exploitation and fights to keep them in the wild where they belong. Many wild animals face the threat of extinction due to farming or illegal wildlife trade. Other wild animals are exploited in blood sports like bear baiting and bullfighting.

The charity also helps protect animals in communities all over the world. They help protect dogs at risk of culling due to rabies and try to ensure working donkeys and horses, that are so valuable to livelihoods are protected from pain and suffering. The World Animal Protection works with governments, food businesses and farmers to improve the welfare of farmed animals. They encourage the general public to buy food produced in line with high welfare standards.

The World Animal Protection lottery takes place every week. Each entry is £1 and gives you the chance to win one of four cash prizes. There is a maximum of two entries per week. You will be given a unique sex-digit lottery number and the aim is to match the sequence of the winning number.

  • Six matching digits - £25,000 prize
  • Five matching digits - £1,000 prize
  • Four matching digits - £25 prize
  • Three matching digits - 5 entries into the next draw

50p from every entry goes directly to the charity. The remaining 50p goes towards the cost of the lottery administration and prize funds.


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