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50 Days of Nifty Fifty: Results Analysis – Hottest + Coldest Numbers

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Doesn’t time fly?

It’s been over 50 days since The Nifty Fifty numbers betting game launched at Betfred and it’s already been a whirlwind adventure with one lucky player (who picked his numbers based on the birthdays of his four dogs!) even scooping up a £10,000 top prize!

At Compare The Lotto, we decided to celebrate in the nerdiest way possible… by conducting a statistical analysis of the Nifty Fifty results from the first 50 days (that’s 150 draws, due to there being three draws per day) in order to see if any patterns are emerging from the results – and we found some VERY intriguing facts!

Lotto Hot & Cold Numbers

“Hot” and “Cold” numbers are a common way of analysing lottery results. In essence, “hot” numbers are numbers that have appeared most frequently, while “cold” numbers have appeared least frequently.

There are often two schools of thought when it comes to interpreting what the hot and cold numbers can mean when picking your own numbers. Some people believe that it’s best to pick the hot numbers as they are basically “in-form”, like a striker who can’t stop scoring for his team. Contrarily, others believe that picking cold numbers is a better ideas as these numbers are essentially overdue, like a striker who is completely out of form but one that you believe will score eventually!

The Nifty Fifty Hottest & Coldest Numbers

Below are the hottest and coldest numbers from the first 50 days (150 draws) of The Nifty Fifty at Betfred, covering the first draw on the 30th May 2020 up until 19th July 2020.

Nifty Fifty Hot Numbers

41 (28 appearances) – The number 41 supposedly expresses an innate sense of personal freedom and it’s certainly been free-quent in its appearances so far!

5 + 26 (29 appearances) – The joint third hottest Nifty Fifty numbers are 5 and 26, sharing the accolade having made 29 appearances in just 50 days.

38 (31 appearances) – Taking second place with a whopping 31 appearances, 38 certainly has been hot so far!

HOTTEST NUMBER: 17 (34 appearances) – Unbelievable! 34 appearances already for number 17, making it the hottest Nifty Fifty number early on!

Nifty Fifty Cold Numbers

18 + 47 (15 appearances) – These two made over 50% less appearances than number 17, making it a chilly start for 18 and 47.

1 (14 appearances) – Number one is traditionally considered a lucky number for lotto players, but it’s been a very slow start for the first number in Nifty Fifty.

COLDEST NUMBER: 50 (13 appearances) – Now this is an interesting one! Not only is the number the game is named after the coldest number of all, but it’s also appeared 13 times – unlucky for some!

Bet on The Nifty Fifty at Betfred

The Nifty Fifty is a numbers betting game that is available exclusively at Betfred. Players can choose how many numbers they want to bet on (up to five) with correctly selecting one number bagging you odds of 7/1, while if you correctly predict five numbers, you’ll get a whopping 200,000/1!

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