Lotto syndicates scam exposed

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We all know the theory behind lottery syndicates - you and a group of mates play the lottery together and agree to divide any winnings by the number of people in the syndicate - simple and effective. According to the UK National Lottery 1 in 6 lottery wins are through syndicates.

These days to save you the hassle of organising your own syndicate agreement and chasing your mates for money, companies in the UK such as Lotto Social and Wshful let you join syndicates online. These companies claim to offer you the chance to “increase your chances of winning” on lotteries such as the Euromillions, UK National Lottery and Irish Lotto.

The way these products are marketed to you, the customer, it’s easy to think you’re getting a bargain - 10 lines on the Euromillions for only £3.99 - this sounds like a bargain considering the normal cost of one line on the Euromillions is £2.50 when bought directly.

So, what’s the issue with many of these online syndicates? Let’s take a look:

How Many Other Players? And HOW MUCH per line?!

This depends on the company offering the syndicate - Lotto Social divide their syndicates by up to 49 others and Wshful divide their syndicates by up to 88 others.

So, let’s look at an example of price per line when playing Euromillions directly and when joining a syndicate at Lotto Social:

Cost of purchasing a single line on Euromillions directly (either at or in a shop) £2.50
Cost per player per line on Euromillions at Lotto Social £0.39 (Players pay £3.99 for 10 lines)
Actual Total cost per Euromillions line when joining a syndicate at Lotto Social £19.55

Daylight Robbery?

Call it what you will, we think this is massively unfair to the customers. Lotto Social are charging each syndicate £19.55 per Euromillions line!! That’s £17.05 more than you would pay for it if you were to purchase directly.

It’s understandable that a company is out to make profit so there will always be some sort of premium to pay, however, we consider £17.05 ridiculous.

If you were to get together with your mates you could save yourselves £17.05 per line while still being entered into exactly the same Euromillions draw with exactly the same odds of winning exactly the same prizes.

How Can I Join A Syndicate?

One way to join a syndicate that is the best value for money is by starting your own syndicate directly on the National Lottery website. See full guide here.

If you don’t want the hassle of creating a syndicate agreement and remembering to chase your mates for money and dividing out winnings... or you want to engage in an international lottery, then we would recommend a lotto betting syndicate with Lottoland.

Lottoland don’t offer Euromillions, however, they do offer syndicates to bet on the US Powerball that regularly has jackpots exceeding £100M.

Let’s look at the number for Lottoland’s US Powerball Syndicates:

Cost of betting on a single line on Mega Millions £3.00
Cost per player per line on Mega Millions at Lottoland £0.04
Total cost per Mega Millions line when joining a syndicate at Lottoland £3.95

* Calculation based on the Mega Millions 250 syndicate at Lottoland. Prices correct as of 04/03/20

That’s right, Lottoland has a much, much lower mark up for their syndicates.

One point to note. Whilst Lottoland mirror most of the payout elements of playing the actual lottery - you aren’t actually purchasing a ticket on the official lottery. This means that joining a syndicate at Lottoland your ticket money won't be going to good causes - if you were to join a syndicate at Camelot or Lotto Social then a percentage of ticket sales goes towards good causes. Read more about good cause donations here.

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